Grandma’s Sock Drawer

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ve always wanted to…” ?

The three dots can stand for just about anything. Some folks past 60 call this a bucket list. Do you have one? I do, but I’ve always been a “to-do list” type of person. It helps me stay on track and feel productive. I also create lists because I have a bad memory, but that’s another story for a different blog.

I’m starting to get occasional glimpses of life’s conveyor belt drop-off point. That signals a stronger desire to tackle my bucket list rather vigorously. I’m well on my way having checked off quite a few since retiring from the schooling world in 2015.  It’s simply amazing how much you can accomplish when your energy and time is utilized doing things that you love. For me these include, my grandchildren, writing, drawing, painting, volunteering and being there for those who might be in need.

Such was the case when I was recently approached by a friend of my sister to consider designing a front cover for her new book. My first gut reaction was – “I’m not that good.”  “I draw and paint for the pleasure not for sharing with the world.” My second, and better reaction was a resounding, “Yes of course, I can help with that!” That is what I did.

I’m sharing with all of my followers this adventurous and fun to read book, written by Sue Agauas. She has penned an exciting, mysterious and compelling novel for young people, fifth through eighth grade. She took the plunge checking off an item from her  her “to-do list” and entered the NaNoWriMo contest offered by KindleScout. Her application was chosen. The first 5,000 words are available to read. If chosen for publication, further proofreading and editing will follow. So keep that in mind as you read.

I loved reading this book myself. It transported me to a time and place where I became lost in Sue’s incredible descriptions of other worlds. It also helped me to design the cover using her suggestions from details in the book.  Please check it out yourself at the link provided below and nominate it. If it is selected for publication, and you nominated it, you’ll receive a free copy.


Enjoy the book excerpts and hit the nominate button!


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