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There are so many books out there that lament the poor performance of our public schools, but they only give vague descriptions of the problems, and they seem unfamiliar with what really happens in an actual classroom. This book is different. The author obviously has a wealth of real world experience in our public school system. She is able to give specific examples of what is going wrong in our schools, and she is able to explain the struggles and frustrations that real teachers face.

I particularly liked when she asks a question and includes answers from many people. I often found my experiences mirrored in other peoples’ answers. The author gives several suggestions and solutions that I found to be very thought provoking. What I appreciated most of all was the research and experience behind these suggestions. She is not suggesting change just to be fashionable or radical, she is suggesting it because it would actually be instrumental in learning.

One thing that came to my mind while reading this book was that in developing School Curriculum or School policies- Do those in charge ever ask the children what they want? Does anyone ever ask the children what they want to learn about, or how they learn best? Why is it that experts, textbook publishers, computer companies (Microsoft), psychologists, school administrators, and a variety of other adults are consulted- but not the children who will be on the receiving end? Are Schools really about the children? At the end of this book the author asks us to find our moral compass, and I think she’s right. We need to do what is right, what is moral, for our children’s sake.

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