Book Endorsements

“Evonne Espey Rogers has penned a thoughtful, very personal, and highly readable book that provides a broad critique of American schooling and an energetic call for change. She calls out the bureaucracy and stale hierarchies that stifle learning today, and advocates a new paradigm that emphasizes choices, options, individualization, and grassroots participation. Rogers has delivered a timely and provocative volume. ”

Frederick Hess, Director Educational Policy Studies-American Enterprise Institute


“This book is unlike many other critiques of the education system because it dares to go into detail about the day to day experiences that children have in school. It is clearly a critique from someone who has been an insider and who knows why and how things must change.”

Jerry Mintz, Director Alternative Education Resource Organization


“Evonne Rogers is a major league player in the field of education. From teacher to leadership administrative positions in major school districts, she has served all with great distinction and applause. When she states, “Schooling is what is done to us – becoming educated is something we do ourselves,” should tip off the reader that they have just begun reading a gold mine clarifying the educational process.”

Les Nuckolls, Author, Fulbright Scholar, Retired Principal and former Superintendent U.S. Peace Corps Teacher Training Centers Worldwide


“As one who has also worked in the educational field all of my life, I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing out loud while reading this book. Learning Unleashed rings importantly true on many levels.”

Charles Jones, Retired School District Superintendent