Bulletin: Being Bored is Okay

Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer


There is a strange phenomenon that frequently occurs in the summer that really intrigues me.

It is when I hear kids saying, “I’m bored!”

I don’t recall hearing my own children ever say that, but maybe they did and I just don’t remember. Age has a way of tricking us like that.

Sometimes I think we have enabled that thought process in our children by cramming so much into their days, that when there is a moment or two of complete silence they panic. They think they have to be “doing” something all the time. ALL-OF-THE-TIME!

Filling their every waking moment with non-boring activity, threatens to rob them of important benefits that boredom provides; like deep thinking, daydreaming, and imagination. According to this article, being bored is okay.

“While there’s a good chance children might mope around for a while and be bored, it’s important to realize that this isn’t wasted time.”

Our inclination is to rescue those suffering from this incurable condition by offering them ideas on what can be done to address the problem of boredom. Kids revert to their phones, texting, gaming, T.V. and other technology fixes. Adults tend to offer kids more beneficial and practical options such as chores, outdoor play, and summer type activities. Either way, boredom for its own benefit, is not usually considered a great option.

This article puts the onus on the child to address the boredom issue. It also provides a great idea for parents who are tired of hearing. “I’m bored” all summer long.

Enjoy the article!


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