Everything that is wrong about teaching and learning can be found in this one little clip


Click on the link then click on the picture when you arrive.

Gut reaction: Are you serious?

Upon deeper reflection: Are you serious?

  • Too many kids stuffed in classrooms = misbehavior, boredom, disengagement, etc.
  • Living by the clock = loss of teachable moments
  • Exit tickets = coercive tactics
  • Programmable repeatables = robotic and unauthentic learning
  • Stress = this paradigm of teaching and learning

What this clip got right:

Teaching is hard work when you do it like this.

There is so much to pull apart and dissect in this scenario, but I’ll take the short route and just quote Alfie Kohn below.

“Most things that we and the people around us do constantly… have come to seem so natural and inevitable that merely to pose the question, ‘Why are we doing this?’ can strike us as perplexing – and also, perhaps, a little unsettling. On general principle, it is a good idea to challenge ourselves in this way about anything we have come to take for granted; the more habitual, the more valuable this line of inquiry.”

Think about it.

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