What does student success look like and how can we support it?


You would think I discovered GOLD!

I am sounding the educational advocate horn for all those who might be listening. To be honest, I have not heard great things about the educational system in Hawai’i over the years, however this website peaked my interest.

Our school systems have been in a virtual lock-down when it comes to meaningful parent and student involvement. They have rarely been equal partners at the table to influence and shape important district and school policies and practices that will help our students learn. This kind of substantive dialogue has been sketchy at best.

I love the idea of channeling the positive energy that comes from this kind of community outreach and would love to see it happening more regularly in all school districts. It is a grand step in the right direction. It is not the silver bullet, but then we all know there is no such thing.

Last note on this blog…I found most of the ten “un-commandments” from my new book Learning Unleashed, written in one form or another in the various posts that were submitted.  It validates the importance of listening to the voices of the children when it comes to what they need and want most.




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